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 Tuition is $12,500.00. It includes the following:

  • Housing and accommodations

  • Food 

  • Guide/outfitter textbooks

  • First Aid and CPR certification

  • Phone Scope adapter


All you will need to bring is your personal gear. If you do not already have your own personal gear, or want to upgrade the stuff you do have, we are partnered and associated with some of the best outdoor hunting gear companies, and can assist you in getting the best deals and discounted prices on hunting products.

Most careers take at least a 4 year bachelors degree, that in the US cost on average of $24,200.00 just for the tuition and an average of $17,250.00 per year for living expenses. That means if you choose to take the traditional route of college it will take you a minimum of 4 years and cost a minimum of $93,200.00 all before you even start your career. Statistics show that only 40% of college grads actually work a job where a college degree is needed and only 21% of college grads are happy or above satisfied with their careers. With the cost of traditional schooling being so high, it only makes sense that 70% of college students take out some form of student loans (debt). That means the majority of these students are working jobs trying to pay off student loans for an education they don’t even use.

Here at Western University of Guides and Outfitters, our Outfitters Academy takes 15 days to complete and costs $12,500. This includes all your acquiring expenses. That’s $80,000 dollars less and more than a three year, head start on your career. 

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