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This academy is an intense 15 days long. We have class every day except Sundays. Most days we will be saddling horses before daylight and coming back to camp after dark. The first 4 days of the school will be at the ranch learning the basics, and getting required certifications. The rest of the time you will either be at camp or on the mountain. This is a very intense hands on curriculum that leans more to the actual hunting side of guiding.


Everyday you will be saddling and packing horses and mules while you head up the mountain to learn and practice the things we have taught, and learn the continued curriculum that we will teach each day. This is the best and only way for you to master and remember everything we teach. We teach and coach you through a lot of information and skills, and you get to use them almost everyday through out the academy as you simulate the real daily life as a guide. When you graduate from this academy you will be very confident in yourself knowing that you can go work anywhere and that you have all the skills and knowledge it takes to excel at the job.

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