There are those of us who were born for something different, something rare. Something that only a fraction of the human race is mentally and physically strong enough to endure day after day, year after year. Something that gives us a sole purpose, motivation, and excitement to get up every day and make something happen.


Not everybody was meant to follow the path and routines of the world’s standards of everyday life. The life where you get up each day and drive to the same job with the same schedule and punch the same time clock day after day. You live for the short two-day weekend to try and get a taste of the life that you truly want to live, dreading your Monday morning alarm clock when you have to dive back into that same old grind. Unfortunately, that is the way of life most people follow.


We encourage you to find that un-quenched thirst of desire and passion for something you can’t live without. Pursue it with all you’ve got. There is nothing you can do better than something that is apart of you, something that lives inside your subconscious thoughts and desires. That is where you will find your calling in life. That is where true happiness is lived. “IF YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE.”

If you have that deep desire to learn and a passion for hunting and the outdoors, then we strongly urge you to consider enrolling in guide school and starting a career in the outfitting and guiding industry. It's a way of life you will never regret.

There is no better guide school than right here at Outfitter's Academy. We are dedicated to producing some of the best new guides in the industry. We would love to personally talk to each and every one who is interested. ​





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